Exercise equipment is usually very pricey, so even if you are attempting to save some money by exercising from home, in most cases you will be lucky if you break even. The solution to this issue is to look into buying second hand gym equipment from a company like Physique Sports. Today there is big market for refurbished and used exercise equipment. This ranges from elliptical machines to treadmills to free weights. Today you will even come across heart monitors or second-hand athletic shoes at a good price. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you are investing in what you really need.

Evaluate Your Fitness Needs

Fitness in reality is your own personal journey. Not every workout will suit every individual or each goal set. So think about what you enjoy doing, as well as what you would like to accomplish.

What Do You Enjoy?

If you enjoy running but you do not enjoy weights, consider a treadmill. If you cant stand the thought of running, then think about an elliptical or weights. Avoid feeling pressured into buying equipment based on the fact that everyone else has one.

Define Your Goals

Your goals will determine the type of equipment you need. For example, for someone who is an athlete already that is looking to for a way to improve endurance and conditioning, they will need different equipment to the person who is focused on losing weight. Consider your current fitness-level, what your goal levels are set at, along with any limitations or impairments you may have. If you currently have limitations regarded as significant, first talk to a physical therapist or doctor about the equipment that is better for you.

Think About The Space You Have Available

Your space restrictions will be the biggest deciding factor on what you cannot or can bring home. For a tight space, resistance bands, a mat and a few weights might be all the space you have available. Yet, you can achieve fantastic workouts with these few items. However, if you have the space, a 1-piece total gym-machine or treadmill or stationary bike can become an amazing addition into your fitness space.

Research The Prices

When purchasing new gym equipment, the prices will stay just about standard across all the vendors. Yet when it comes to second hand gym equipment, there are no price standardizations. So how will you know if the equipment you are interested in buying is reasonably priced? To begin, think about how much you are willing to spend. Now conduct a bit of research. First find out the price of the equipment that is new, followed by looking over the used prices on eBay or Amazon or even second-hand gym equipment stores.

Avoid Buying Equipment You Have Not Seen

This is a bit of an obvious one, but avoid agreeing to buy equipment that you have not yet seen. Sellers are known for making all types of claims when it comes to the condition and quality of the equipment, only to later find out that you have been fooled. Before you commit to the sale, examine the machine and ensure you look over the following:

  • Ensure all buttons on the machine are working
  • Look for belts that show excessive wear
  • Ensure every piece of the equipment is actually there
  • Check for fraying wires or rust on the metal components
  • You should also ask if you can try the equipment out first

Buying second hand gym equipment is a good idea especially when you are not ready to commit to the gym yet. Second-hand fitness equipment will assist you with meeting your goals in the comfort of your own home.