You have to keep your mind in the right place when you exercise this is true for your kids too. You do not want to start thinking about how hot you are getting, or the pain from working out. You want to stay motivated. One of my favourite tools to use during a workout is a motivational water bottle.

No, the bottle is not filled with a magical fluid to keep me motivated. It is either filled with water or a sports drink to keep me hydrated. What it is packed with is a motivational saying I can focus on. Something I can use to keep my mind in the right place while I exercise.

One of my favourite motivational water bottles says, “It comes down to one simple thing. How bad do you want it?” That simple saying flashes into my mind every time I take a sip of water while I am working out. It reminds me to keep going, to overcome, to battle onward.

The bottle that gets the most laughs in the gym, and the most positive comments, is a little more offbeat. It has a glaring reminder. “You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.” Can you imagine having that reminder in front of you the entire time you are exercising? I know it keeps me in motion. I take this bottle on the days I do serious lower body workouts. Every time I think I cannot do one more repetition, I glance at the bottle and push harder.

Just like everyone else, I have days I do not want to crawl out of bed and exercise. Those are the mornings I pull out my secret weapon. I found a water bottle a few years ago that reads, “Be Stronger Than Your Excuse”. I set the bottle on the table in front of me while I sip my coffee. I start getting mad, mad at my excuses. In a few minutes, I am up and heading out the door to get the workout, with the bottle in hand.

You might be wondering why I buy motivational bottles instead of the motivational shirts everyone wears. The answer is very simple. I cannot see my shirt when I am working out, unless I look in a mirror. I can set the water bottle right in front of where I am working out and keep reading it over and over.

I have started giving bottles to all of my friends as gifts, too. They enjoy the motivational sayings while they work out, or even if they are just taking them to the beach. They are great for young athletes to take to their games, also.

Of course, my friends give me motivational water bottles as gifts, too. They run across a bottle with a saying that catches their attention and are sure I need it.

One of my favourite bottles I received as a gift states, “Someone who is busier than you is exercising right now!” That simple saying reminds me I am never too busy to sneak in a little exercise. I take it along when I go on a business trip and know I will be tempted to skip my workout.

One of my co-workers added to my collection, too. The bottle she handed me admonishes “Your body can stand almost anything, it is your mind you have to convince.” How often have you stopped when you felt a little tired or your self-talk was driving you crazy? I know it has happened to me. This saying helps remind me I should push on through my negative thoughts.

I still have a few stubborn pounds I want to get rid of and I found the perfect bottle to help keep me focused. This bottle touts the fact that “Sweat is Fat Crying”. Every time I read that bottle it makes me laugh, but reminds me how true it is. If you eat properly and exercise, fat does not stand a chance.

A motivational water bottle is not going to make your workout, but it can provide a way for you to stay focused and change your attitude. I am going to keep collecting bottles with sayings that lift my spirit, reinforce my goals, and help me stay on track. What about you?