Two successful child protection workshops in Beirut

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Two successful workshops were held in Beirut, Lebanon this March: a Child Protection in Emergencies Training of Trainers and a Child Protection Minimum Standards Facilitation workshop. As the third of a planned series, the well-attended workshops responded to the high demand for capacity building in the Middle East and North Africa region, effectively increasing the linguistic diversity of the current global pool of trainers.

22 participants attended from 7 agencies, as well as several individual consultants. World Vision hosted the events, and a close collaboration with UNHCR ensured the most up-to-date perspective on refugee issues.

The Lebanon Child Protection in Emergencies Working Group is now undertaking capacity assessment and a national contextualization exercise for the CPMS.

The CPMS Task Force is surveying those who have participated in past workshops, in order to get a clearer picture of how materials and pedagogical approaches are being used.

Planning for a French language workshop in Senegal towards to the end of 2015 is now underway. The call for applications will be made on, Twitter and Facebook.

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