Starter Pack for CP sub-cluster Coordinators

This Starter Pack for Child Protection Coordinators and Information Management Officers is an initial effort to compile existing material useful for child protection coordinators and coordination groups, within a small number of categories (e.g. guidance on cluster coordination, information management, inter-agency strategic planning etc.).

This is a living set of resources which we would like to add to – so please do share any useful tools developed in your context by sending them to the global level CPWG Deputy Coordinator (  We would particularly appreciate your support to ensure that the number of documents written in a language other than English increases over time in the Starter Pack.

The Starter Pack is divided in two main components (see tree-like structure on the right-hand side of this page):

  • A section of key generic materials and tools
  • A section of examples of country based examples


April 5, 2016
Secondary data is data collected by someone other than the user. A secondary data review is one of the several existing methods to consolidate information in a humanitarian emergency. Methods recommended by the global level CPWG for secondary data review include conducting a desk review (Desk Review tool[1]) or using the SDR matrix. The global …

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