Niger: CPiE and CPMS Trainings

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The Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) in Niger organized three trainings in Niamey and Diffa in December 2015, supported by Save the Children. 87 participants came from local and national government, local and national NGOs and international NGOs.

The CPWG in Niger works specifically to protect children affected by extremist violence and food insecurity.  Member organizations are involved in diverse activities, including child friendly spaces, family tracing and reunification, case management, supporting community-based mechanisms, support for children associated with or allegedly associated with armed forces or armed groups, as well as awareness-raising around child protection risks. As of December 2015, the CPMS have not been integrated into the Niger CPWG’s work plan.


1. Roll out and implementation of the CPMS

a)    Participants should develop concrete action plans for follow-up and ensure that knowledge acquired over the course of the trainings is shared within their teams, including with non-child protection colleagues.

b)   In view of current need and high staff turnover, Coordinators and CPWG members should consider organizing regular CPMS and CPiE trainings (annual / semi-annual).

c)    Available CPiE and CPMS videos and resources should be translated into local languages.

2. Training, supervision and self-guided learning

When an emergency strikes, multi-day training workshops may not be the most appropriate use of staff time and resources. However, alternatives should be put in place to ensure a quality child protection response. These may include in-work and self-guided learning opportunities.

3. Child and youth participation

The absence of child and youth representatives at the three trainings was noted as a missed opportunity to raise awareness of the CPMS and promote accountability. It is recommended that the Niger CPWG:

a) Facilitate the routine participation of children and youth representatives in meetings, especially trainings, with a view to building capacity and reinforcing child rights advocacy initiatives in Niger; and

b) Organize a CPMS workshop specifically for children and youth, tailored to their capacities and learning needs.

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