Minimum Standards

In 2010, the members of the global Child Protection Working Group agreed on the need for child protection standards in humanitarian settings. The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) were finalized in September 2012.  Over 400 individuals from 30 agencies in over 40 countries, including child protection practitioners, humanitarian actors from other sectors, academics and policy makers, were involved in their development.

The CPMS aim to:
-Establish common principles among those working in child protection
-Improve the quality of child protection programming.
-Improve accountability within child protection work
-Provide a synthesis of good practice and learning to date
-Enable better advocacy and communication on child protection risks, needs and responses.

Sphere-Project-Logo-Landscape-No-Tagline-RGB-DIGITALThe CPMS are recognized as Companion Standards to the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.

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Guidelines for Translating the Minimum Standards
If you are interested in translating the CPMS into additional languages, please use these Translation Guidelines

All CPMS videos can be accessed on our Youtube channel or with the links below (full download also in audio):
Introduction to the CPMS in English on YouTube/Download (29MB)/Download audio MP3 (7MB)
Introduction to the CPMS in French on YouTube/Download (284MB)/Download audio MP3 (7MB)
How to use the CPMS in English on YouTube/Download (500MB)/Download audio MP3 (14MB)
How to use the CPMS in French on YouTube/Download (500MB)/Download audio MP3 (14MB)


23 Responses to “Minimum Standards”

  1. Musa Audu says:

    Thanks for a wonderful job

  2. Good work on this important an excellent idea

  3. It was a great effort creating this manual and a great reference for others.

  4. I have came across the site and the info was very informative. Please let me post my gratitude for your effort in sharing this information. It was a great reference.

  5. […] I designed a training manual to operationalise Minimum Standard 15: Case Management of the new Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action. This involved conducting a Scoping Study in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia and […]

    • minimumstandards says:

      Thanks for sharing this link with us. The training manual is a excellent support for operationalising Standard 15 on Case Management!

  6. Sundar says:

    Reading it and already found really an informative, resourceful, practical and very useful for the front-line child protection workers, child protection specialists, social workers, and child protection programme managers involve in a humanitarian action. Besides, it also refers a great resources for the child protection work in a regular situations!!!!

    • minimumstandards says:

      We are glad to hear you have found it useful for you, particularly in non-humanitarian child protection work. Please keep us updated on your use and feedback on the content on our feedback form or by mail at

  7. Jiyun says:

    Wunderschöne Werke auf Englisch, Arabisch, und Französisch!
    Ich hoffe, dass das Manual auf alle Sprachen übersetzt werden können!
    Vielen Dank.

  8. Heather Carroll says:

    There’s no launch planned yet in Tanzania but hopefully there will be an interest for somebody to take it up. The East Africa launch took place in April in Nairobi but more follow up events are planned. Let us know if you want more information. Thanks!

  9. andrew hoban says:


    when is the launch of minimum standards due in Kenya and in Tanzania ?

  10. Jean Bisimwa Balola says:

    Ce travail tres important va permettre a la communaute humanitaire de plannifier une reponse de maniere plus coordonnee et plus professionnelle. Avec cet outils, les risques de “nuire” les enfants par nos actions sont reduites. Nous considerons que les autres acteurs du secteurs trouveront ici une bonne base pour leur participation a l’amelioration de l’outil. Toutes nos felicitations a l’equipe

    • Claudia says:

      Thank you for the great book. I have already worked with it and it helped me a lot as it is very practical. Great job!

  11. [...] Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (Child Protection Working Group, Oct. 2012) [text] – See also related USAID blog [...]

  12. Loren Hackett says:

    Thank you to the CPWG team for a wonderful resource. So comprehensive and accessible. Fantastic! Can you please advice how to obtain a hard copy of the standards? Best regards, Loren.

  13. WAGUE says:

    Ttrès heureux de participer au prochain cours en ligne, il t a un réel besoin de formation qui se pose pour nous maliens, professionnels de la protection sociale, qui avons souci d’apporter aide et assistance aux minorités surtout les enfants. Le contexte que nous vivons requiert une formation àla taille des réponses à apporter à nos cibles. Bon courage et vivement le cours en ligne.

    • Heather Carroll says:

      Bonjour, nous n’avons pas encore un cours en ligne sur les Standards mais c’est une tres bonne idee pour le futur. Nous attendons avoir des ressources bientot sur le site web. Merci, Susan


    Je voudrais tout d’abord vous remerciez dans le cadre de vos différents actions en faveur des enfants en crise et pendant la guerre et dans nos différents communautés,dans les villes et villages ,malgré la crise qui secoue le monde.
    LA Plésidente du conseil d’administration en collaboration avec La Direction Exécutive voudrais rentrer en contact avec votre institution pour une collaboration Nord Sud dans un cadre de partage et de renforcement des capacités de notre organisation.
    Nous somme à la recherche et la spécialistes de la protection des enfants,un document cadre pour la mise en oeuvre des stratégies et d’actions commune pour l’application des Nomes et l’adoption par la communauté dans le cadre de la sensibilisation.
    Le Directeur Exécutif
    Etienne TCHIBOZO

  15. Christina Andersson says:

    Very good work on this very important Issue!

  16. Defining key principles in child protection is one important step towards a more professional and effective interventions. In abscence of such Miniumum standards, some of our interventions have ended up abusing children or making them more vulnerable. Lets join hands to disseminate and encourage their application. Sam, AICS.

  17. Great webpage – thank you!

  18. Rafiq Khan says:

    Finally, child protection specialists will have one source to refer to. An important document which will surely be very helpful for people designing, implementing and monitoring child protection responses in humanitarian situations. These easy to understand standards surely builds on common and technical knowledge generated by practitioner on the ground.

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