Material request for strengthening Standard 7 of the MSCP Danger and Physical Injury

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Material request for strengthening Standard 7 of the MSCP Danger and Physical Injury is a crucial CPiE issue, which is included in the CPMS as Standard 7. While some progress has been made establishing this standard, there is still an absence of sufficient knowledge base. For instance, some forms of dangers and physical injuries are categorized either as physical violence or danger and Injury; such interconnectivity is to be embraced. Thus there has been increasing realization that further research and guidance is required to establish both the theoretical construction as well as developing a programmatic framework of this standard.

The CPMS task force is working to strengthen the knowledge base, beginning with a desk review of Danger and Injury that children endure in humanitarian contexts. A Consultant to review and develop the standard on Dangers & Injuries is in the process of recruitment. The outcome of the review is expected to produce a stocktaking report which will provide the conceptual framework and will include the guideline in establishing Danger and Physical injury as an independent standard, as well as bridging the possible linkages with Child Protection Systems strengthening and Disaster Risk Reduction planning.

A major challenge in this endeavor is the very limited documentation and publication available, despite the fact that there are indications of promising practices to prevent and respond to the casualties and suffering from physical injuries in the humanitarian context. The Task Force is, therefore requesting the CPWG members to kindly share materials you may have both in the form of primary and secondary literature. For instance, published and unpublished materials, reports, documentation of promising practices, case studies, tools and guidelines, lessons etc.  If there are promising practices without proper documentation, that can still be regarded as a valuable input, simply drop a line and we will capture the learning by arranging, for example a skype call or other means of communication suitable for you.

Please share any available materials/write to  Shyamol Choudhury (<>),with copy to Joanna Wedge (<>).

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