CPIE Coordination and IM Core Skills Training

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The Child Protection AoR, hosted by Save the Children, will run a CPIE Coordination and Information Management Core Skills Training in June 2016. The aim of the course is to enhance participants’ knowledge of CPIE coordination and IM and to provide an opportunity to develop and practice a range of core competencies identified as crucial for Child Protection Sub-cluster Coordinators, Co-Coordinators and Information Managers.

The training will be held in Sweden from 3 pm on 13 June 2016 to 5 pm on 18 June 2016. The training will be followed by a CPIE Coordination and IM Retreat for current Coordinators, Co-coordinators and Information Managers from 20-22 June 2016.

Those interested in attending the training should complete the application form and send it to Sara Lim (salim@unicef.org), together with a CV, by 15 April 2016.

For further information on the training, please contact Sara Lim.

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