Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP)

May 27, 2014

The Syrian Legal Development Programme, founded in 2013, promotes legal education which will help the Syrian people set the foundations for a future Syria.

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Given the hostile nature of the Syrian conflict, it is of paramount importance that actors in Syria are equipped with knowledge of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). This helps mitigate the effects of war. Importantly, in educating the people on the ground in Syria on IHL, SLDP aims to safeguard the rights of the affected population and to protect civilians at a time when Syria is severely lacking in such measures. The protection of children in the Syrian conflict is one of SLDP’s top priorities. In order to fulfil its mandate, SLDP has dedicated a special video segment on the recruitment of children, which is being aired locally.

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Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP)

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